The Pros and Cons of Intrusion Detection System Installation

With the increase in the incidents of crime, vandalism and theft, the need for the installation of the various security systems and gadgets in order to build an established security infrastructure has also elevated, simplifying the lives of the residents, business owners and industrialists and offering them a peace of mind in regards to the safety and security of their perimeters. But, in this great scheme of security and surveillance, what has rather been obscured than simplified is the availability of an extensive range of security systems with the larger than life diversification of each, giving customers a plethora of options to choose from and confusion triggering a severe headache as to which system is best suitable for their property.

Today striking out this confusion and offering some useful insights on how intrusion detection systems can help preserve your business’s confidential data by automatically alerting the system administrators when there is any unwanted intrusion in your system by the invaders through malicious activities, the experts of Sure Secure has curated a detailed blog.

Classification of Intrusion Detection Systems

Network Intrusion Detection System: The network IDS tracks and carefully monitors the traffic on the individual networks by effectively analyzing the traffic and making a comparison with the existing attacks in the library.

Host Intrusion Detection System: