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Highlights: HIKVISION IP Intercom Familly

Everyone knows Hikvision as one of the worlds largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions with a complete portfolio and really valuable and reliable equipment. With this “legacy” Hikvision decide to step up from the CCTV umbrella into a market, more exactly, the IP video phone system one. With a classy, discrete and quality design, Hikvision’s intercoms can be a really though competitor against the well-know IP intercom manufacturer. Moreover, besides intercom functionality this product range can be integrated in the existing IP CCTV network offering a more complex solution to every deeds.

Typical installation 

Hikvision  with this solution, covers small projects such as one household to an apartment complex, thank to this Villa series and building series. Let’s cut the chase and discuss about each type of panel.

Outdoor panels

There are two outdoor panel models,  DS-KD8002-VM and DS-KD8102-V, both with CMOS low illumination HD (1280×720) camera and a 120° very wide angle. 8002 series is covered with tampered glass, and the 81002 series is a combination of tampered glass and stainless steel. With an intelligent light supplement the buttons are automatically blue lighten in case of dim light. Thanks to 120 dB WDR, the image provided are very clear and sharp.

There are three ways to grant access, remote from the indoor panel, locally by code, and the last one is by sweeping a card over the embedded card reader. Beside the internal card reader, the video panel has Wiegand 26, Wiegand 34 and RS-485 interfaces in order to connect external card readers. Noise suppression and echo cancellation makes can also be found on these units, by which, the call does not contain any external noise, making the audio signal more clear. If a person approaches to door station, thanks to IR human detection function, the panel will automatically turn on. Both models comes with a 3.5″ TFT LCD screen with 480×320 resolution, allowing users to browse into it’s very intuitive easy menu. The panels can send alarms according to door magnetic contact status or tamper-proof function.

Villa door stations

Hikvision’s ip intercom portfolio, beside the outdoor panels, contain also a residential product range, more exactly DS-KV8X02-IM and DS-KV8102-IP/VP series. Both series assures a HD video surveillance, a 120° wide camera, and a low illumination CMOS sensor.

Functions such as self adaptive light supplement, noise suppression and echo cancellation, and alarm functions (tamper-proof alarm, and door magnetic contact alarm), can also be found on these models. With one, two or four buttons, such solution can be met on every household.

Indoor station 

The last but not the least products from Hikvision ip video phone portfolio are the indoor monitors. There are two indoor monitor series, DS-KH8301-WT and DS-KH6310(-W)/DS-KH6300(-W). 

DS-KH8301-WT comes with a 7″ TFT LCD 1024×600 touch screen monitor/DS-KH6310(-W)/DS-KH6300(-W) comes with a 7″ TFT LCD 800X600 touch screen monitor , a 0.3 megapixel embedded camera for DS-KH8301-WT, an internal ominidirectional microphone, and loudspeaker for a more clear voice from any angle, a TF card slot for a maximum 32GB capacity. Two neighbors can easily communicate thanks to the intercommunication function. The unit can be set in order to auto-respond to any incoming calls or even reject them.

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Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Dec 07, 2023

Exceptional service from Local Locksmith Charlotte company! The smart intercom installation they did for us is top-notch. The technicians were professional, prompt, and efficient. Our security has been greatly enhanced, and we're impressed with the seamless integration of the smart features.

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