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Different Variants of Access Control Systems

Market Is Filled To the Brim with the Vast Range Of Door Entry Systems Since the inception of the high-end Door Entry or Access Control Systems, companies have been shelling out massive and more advanced varieties of access control systems for residents, businesses and industries. These Door Entry Systems offer individuals, business owners, and corporates with n number of security benefits primarily needed for the smooth functioning of the organizational goals and for the safety of the individuals at large. Different Systems, Different Features, Different Benefits With the boom in the digital technology companies have been able to transform the merits of the same while originating and structuring the different types of access control systems that serve the customers in the variety of ways. Each year with the development of a new kind of a door entry system, the security measures which are a quintessential part of these are also been significantly developed and upgraded to solidify the fact that you stay safe and secure within your premises. Sure Secure, the leading CCTV Installation in London providers and the stockist of a wide range of CCTV Cameras, Video, and Door Entry Systems and accessories has a lot to offer its customers when it comes to the Access Control Systems. Different kinds of Access Control Systems to Satisfy Your Different Security Necessities Standalone Locks- Standalone locks are designed to be installed on a single door in order to monitor the entry and exit of individuals in a restricted area. With the help of a single battery, the various operations of the lock are carried out. Standalone locks can only be accessed from the outside and can be unlocked using a keypad, a card, or both. One of the major advantages with these locks is their operational efficiency immediately after the installation. Key Access Systems: They are the most common door entry systems mainly used by residents that serve the electronic auditing through a network. They can only be accessed or activated with the help of a key. Proximity Readers: Proximity readers are the most common door entry systems employed by the companies, businesses, and industries for commercial use. Proximity readers are equipped with sensors that work effectively 1 to 3 feet away from the card to be able to activate the system. Since there is no direct contact between the card and the reader, the wear and tear get greatly reduced. Proximity Readers use different kinds of devices to allow the individuals access into the places they want an entry in

  • Cards (Offices)

  • Automobile Tags (Parking Lots)

  • Magnetic Stripe

  • Barcode cards

Where You Can Get High-End Door Entry Systems? Sure Secure is the online place where you can find high-quality security and surveillance systems. You can fulfill both your residential and business security needs with the wide range of Video and Door Entry Systems that are part of our fully-loaded catalog from some of the renowned and top brands of the security industry.

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Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson
Feb 24

The team from Locksmith Toronto company did an exceptional job installing our access control system. From the initial consultation to the final implementation, they were professional, efficient, and meticulous in their work. They provided clear instructions and training on how to manage the system, ensuring we felt comfortable and confident in its operation.


Jan 28, 2022

I really want to install access control system in my office but not able to find the reliable locksmith company that can do it at a cheap price.

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