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LC1 Smart Security Light Camera

Updated: May 25, 2020

Smart Security Light Camera

Light up dark spots and add security to outdoor areas around your house with a

powerful full-HD security camera armed with ultra-bright lights and defense.

Light the Way Back Home

With dual lights that produce a combined brightness of 2500 lumens, the LC1 brightens up your way home and illuminates every dark corner of your front porch, backyard, and anywhere else that needs light.

Extra Protection with Active Defense

When someone enters LC1’s 270-degree PIR motion detection area, it emits a 100 dB alarm with flashing light to deter potential intruders. Simultaneously it sends an alert with captured images to your smartphones. You can also customize the detection area to keep an eye on places where you need it the most.

Strong and Durable

Design for outdoor

use, the LC1 braves any weather – sun, rain, or snow, it stands strong

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